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I am so excited to help you change your career while you change the lives of everyone around you. 

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Ilana Muhlstein MS,RDN 

Establish yourself and credibility among your peers, community, audience and online network.


Legitimize your career goals and brand your nutrition business in a way that feels natural and authentic to you and your audience. 

Create a steady flow of income that brings a sense of confidence and security.

Leverage social media and other marketing tools to schedule clients, and retain them for years to come.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business With Multiple Income Streams. 

Ilana will guide you on how to set  your nutrition business up in a way that you can generate multiple streams of income.Through leveraging your private practice success creating authentic and genuine messaging that resinates with your audience.  


 *Sample Course Outline

Module 1- Foundations of a Successful Nutritionist Mindset and Brand. 

Module 2: Establish a stable income structure. This is an exhilarating week where you hear 15+ potential revenue streams you can tap into to create multiple income funnels and feel more creative and secure in your career.

Module 3: Getting booked, getting paid, and mastering customer service. Clear cut logistical and operational advice that I learned the hard way so you don't have to.

Module 4: Improving client experience and results. 

Module 5: Everything marketing. Get written up in media without a publicist, write killer copy, communicate effectively and more...

Module 6: Attract Your Ideal Clients with Strategic Outreach and Marketing. 

Module 7: Get even more savvy on social- I will show you step by step how I post to Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and Facebook. This will include my best hacks, tools, and shortcuts. 


* Module and content with in them are subject to change. 


"I love the social media training for me it was the best part. I have implemented all new energy and motivation , more sells pitches, social media tricks, and partnerships with companies. This past month was my best sales month of the year!"

      -Karin A

 "I loved the breakdown of a great session with a client! Really shows how our career in nutrition is needed and should be an important part of an individual's life for their and our overall well- being."

     -Denee B.

 I have acquired 1 new paying private client with 3 more interested by just marketing one time via a social media post. I also have taken action to add products (E-books, journal) to my website and from sharing more HELPFUL content I am increasing my social media following. I overall feel more confident and believe in myself.

     -Monica H.